What’s Jasper?

Jasper is both my name and a vibe. The vibe? Internet whimsy a la the early 2000s, when we were all so curious and green.

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Who’s behind Jasper?

Hi! My name is Jasper “Jaz” Joyner (they/them). I’m an author, essayist, poet, humorist, and managing editor at Focus Magazine. You can find my work in Substack’s Oldster Mag, Teen Vogue, The Offing, HuffPost, Pride.com, and many others.

I’m Black, trans, and from the south (Memphis, TN, to be exact), and constantly learning how much these facts influence my work.

I chose the name Jasper after the stone because it symbolizes a lot of traits I hope to exude, like comfort and reassurance, feelings of optimism, and freedom from fear.

Cute, right?!

Even when life’s kicking my ass offline, I hope that Jasper, the newsletter, bears those same elements for you.


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Editor, humorist, poet and author from tha south. PANSY: A BLACK AMERICAN MEMOIR (Fall 2024). [they/them]